Statek Bylany u Kutné Hory - boarding house, accommodation, apartments and camping place.

Rooms and suites

Rooms and suites offer enough calm for rest and relaxation, since it is not a classic urban style guesthouse, but accommodation in separate parts restored farmstead.

Classic beds

Extra beds

Common and a lounge with a fireplace

Lounge and a lounge with a fireplace can be used for various games, reading, watching TV or refreshments and meals. Kitchen next to the auditorium serves staying to prepare a meal. For demanding we can provide service.

Price list

Bed per person / night
350,- Kč vč. DPH / 13 €

Extra bed per person / night
175,- Kč vč. DPH / 6,5 €

There is an extra charge for one-night stays 54,- kč / 2 €

Outside the tourist summer season from 30.9 to 15.5 it is possible to organize weddings and other celebrations.

The price for renting a hall and common areas of the complex is 30000,- Kč max 50 persons/day

(one day preparation before the event, the second day the actual event, the third day cleaning and removal of things)

For every additional 10 people a surcharge 1000,- Kč

Guest accommodation is according to the pension's price list.


Statek Bylany u Kutné Hory

penzion & autokemping

Bylany 17
Kutná Hora
284 01